Our Researchers and Clinicians


Dr. Robert Koenekoop

- Director of McGill Ocular Genetics Laboratory and the Retinitis Pigmentosa Clinic, Chief Pediatric Ophthalmologist


Dr. Ayesha Khan

- Pediatric Ophthalmologist

Dr. Allison Dorfman

- Clinical Neurophysiologist

Dr. Irma Lopez

- Research associate/Team leader, McGill Ocular Genetics Laboratory


Dr. Norma Fajardo

- Research assistant



Raquel Beneish

- Orthoptist

Maria Skothos

- Secretary

Peggy Stamatoukos

- Secretary

Displaying Zhang photo 300dpi.jpg

Dr. Alice Zhang

- Chief Ophthalmology Resident

Dr. Katie Peng Inline images 1

- Ophthalmology Resident

Dr. Razek Coussa

- Ophthalmology Resident

Dr. Mariam Ibrahim

- Pediatric Ophthalmology Fellow

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